White it out with affordable finds!

This home feels like a breath of fresh air. Lately I have been wanting to put all my furniture out on the city sidewalk with a "for sale" sign and start over with a blank slate. I guess that comes from living in the same place for 8 years, yea... yikes!! At times, I just love the feeling of a neutral palette it's as if the mind gets a break and can appreciate all the small details. Ahh the thought makes me happy right now. Than again I know myself too well and tomorrow I will be loving bright, fun, busy prints all over again. For today I will just sit back with my tea and enjoy the view of this home in New Orleans!

This house was created with many affordable finds, exactly what this "CreateGirl" likes!
Pier1 wicker chairs painted white

$100 flea market coffee table, I love the lines on this piece!

Blinds from Lowe's $40ea!

The sweet desk another flea market find!

I adore this nook, what a perfect place to wake up and pull yourself together! Notice the lovely glass lamp with white shade, once again the neutral palette really works!

(images from Country Living, homeowners Donna Ballard Maselli)


leslie said...

I love this clean neutral color scheme for living in...so fresh and relaxing.

Creategirl said...

thanks leslie when I came across I knew others would love it too!