How to Thursday - Quick changes for the Dining Room

This is a quick "How To Thursday" here are a few tips on making your dining room GLAM!

Doubling up on over sized mirrors like these make an even bigger impact than just one large one! If you don't have a ton of room find a few narrow options. Notice, there are no patterns on the fabric and the rug is subtle. This creates a bit of calm drawing your eye to the over sized pieces.

Find a WOW element like this glamorous chandelier!

Take a look at the furniture you have, are there interesting carvings or curves? What made you fall in love with the piece in the first place? I love how the focal point is the dark wood of this furniture. The intricate design of the chairs pop against the neutral backdrop. This is a great design lesson, let the furniture speak for itself.

(images from Horchow)


Verdigris Vie said...

love these dining rooms- I am noticing more and more mirrors with some detailing over them - I love that!

And those chandeliers - mmm - lovely !


Dana Córdova said...

The chandelier and mirrors are amazing touches!