Feeding the habit with inhabit!

What's new at inhabit? This is what's new and I am loving every stitch of it. Yes, we know I have a little recurring habit with typography and need to maybe tone it down a bit but when I saw these pillows my eyes widened like a girl in a typo heaven candy store!! Plus, add a few great quotes and this is $60 well spent! If I can't overindulge in my own house I wonder what new project I can add it one of these to?

"When was the last time you did something for the first time"? Fantastic!

These are such a fun addition to any room perfectly named "Laugh and Giggle"!

Great warm colors for fall. This years blue and orange are still very prominent in this collection

They also offer stretched wall art in similar patterns and even have a fantastic classic chair collection.

(images from inhabit)


Dana Córdova said...

WOW, this are a graphic designers dream! So great, thanks for the tip!!!

this girl said...

i love that 'first time' quote as well! so neat!