Escaping to Nantucket!

Can you feel and smell the fresh air?! Take a look at this glorious Nantucket Summer "Escape" Home I found over at Traditional Home. Isn't it just lovely? This summer I seem to be drawn to summer homes with very neutral palettes. This one is so very serene and feels welcoming just looking at the photos. I see myself swinging on the hammock on the front porch enjoying the Nantucket summer breeze. With most posts I try to only show a few pictures, only my very favorites but I could not dwindle it down so here are 8 to feast your eyes on. Once again I find myself daydreaming of a beach house!


This room is 50ft long! A warm mix of living rooms and dining areas. What a place for a party or a cozy night down by the fire!

Notice the blue paneled folding door towards the back, just fantastic!

This is a keeper photo! Someday I would love to have beds just like these, tucked into a nook with the sound of the ocean waves just outside the window. Perfection!!

(images from Traditional Home, Interior Designer Elizabeth Corker)

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