Monday Morning Happy!

Happy New Week! Did you have a fun weekend?

The picture above is a little nod to my dad, our family has an affection for orangutan which started with my Grandfather. My dad is one of those quiet supportive dads, one who always leads you in the right direction by letting you find your own way. My grandfather started the family business than my dad started his own company which in turn helped me have the confidence to take the leap and start Jace Interiors. I feel as if I am carrying on the family tradition. Yesterday I had a great dinner (thanks Mom) and spent some time talking politics, business and having silly moments with my dad, he is very funny. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Thanks so much Dad, you're the best!
Enjoy the week

(image from a fantastically talented photographer over at Etsy, check out her site CameraShyPhotography)

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