Goodbye City PB

It's so disappointing to see home stores vacating their city locations. Today I read Pottery Barn on Newbury Street will not be renewing it's lease. First Restoration Hardware went out and now PB. What's going on? Having these stores downtown makes it easy for city dwellers to shop. Now don't get me wrong I hope this means more business for the smaller non chain home shop owners but I feel there is room for everyone. I am a girl who likes to touch and feel the items especially before recommending them to clients...research is important, it's just not the same shopping online.

(image from Maeda)


Art Wall Katie said...

Wow, that's pretty scary when even the big-boys can't make it. Whenever a shop goes out of business in my town (Madison, WI) I feel personally responsible, like if I would have just shopped there a little more, I could have saved it. Boo Hoo. PS, I like your "Post topics you can look forward to..." notice.

Boston Bachelorette Ideas said...

That is horrible news. Very scary to see how many store fronts are vacant.