Scouting - Photos of Country Dreams

This week I have been scouting for Nature Scenic Photography. While searching I came across the Etsy Store of Country Dreaming. What a sweet name which perfectly describes the Ohio artists photos. I feel drawn into the landscape as if I was standing right there. I just Love when that happens with photography!! Just Beautiful!

Here Comes the Sun

Come On In

Smoky Mountains

Tennessee Cattle Farm

Snowfall Symmetry

(images from CountryDreaming)


Verdigris Vie said...

I have to agree that these country photos are absolutely beautiful. You can almost smell that fresh air. I just started to play around with photography and these pictures are so inspirational.. It makes me want to go for a long walk..

Isn't it great when you just stumble over things like this..

Thanks for sharing

Creategirl said...

Thanks Vitania, what a sweet comment! The first photo which caught my eye was "here comes the sun" it felt like that first moment when you are the only one awake and you catch the sun just rising. It's calm perfection! Glad you enjoyed the photos as well!