Monday Morning Happy!

(a bucket full of magazines, a cup of tea, a comfy chair
and a view of the ocean = the perfect spot!

Welcome to a new week! Did you have a nice few days off?
What an amazing weekend! It was 80 degrees here in the Northeast which was Summer in April and absolutely FABULOUS!! The weekend was also filled with visits by many good friends and a bit of exploring. Don't you love when you get in the car, set out for a ride without a real idea of where you will end up? That was Sunday for me. The first stop was a fun flea market, Todd Farm which really put me in the mood for Brimfield. Than we explored the fantastic Oldies "Red Barn" in Newburyport where there were a few great finds, but none that we were really sold on. It was all wrapped up with a lazy few hours exploring a new beach and picking seashells! The combination of creativity and spontaneity can make for the perfect day!
Enjoy the new week!

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Diana Strinati Baur said...

Sounds wonderful! I fly out for Phila. tomorrow, and I see that I should pack a light tee in my carryon for when I get off the plane!! Hope the weather holds. Enjoy your week too!