How To Thursday - Small Flower Pleasures

Welcome to another "How To Thursday"! Today I thought we would talk about the simple pleasure of freshly cut flowers and how to have them in your home every week. Now the budget might not allow all of us to have a big bouquet of flowers sent to the house every week so how can we have a bite of joy without the big expense? Small bud vases and creative uses of everyday household items are the answer. Purchase a few stems of your favorite flower or if you are lucky enough to have a garden, pick a small batch. It's nice to mix up your display from week to week. Some weeks I choose to group a few bud vases together and other weeks I separate them and display them in different rooms like the office, bathroom and next to my bed. Places I see a few times a day. Look around your home and think outside the box, this will make the most of your small arrangements and cut down the cost. Below are a few examples.

Tin tea containers are a beautiful and colorful way to display wild flowers

Glass tumblers like these from Lekker are a great everyday option

These NapaStyle bud vases are my favorite. They look great alone or grouped together

Many times there will be an item like these hurricanes above that at first glance you think can not be used as a typical vase. By finding a clear glass or votive holder which fits inside instantly creates an interesting unique vase!

As an Italian pasta loving girl I always have small canned jars of sauce in the pantry. Now, as a CreateGirl I LOVE a budget friendly find! When I am done with these small Classico jars I save them, pull off the label and use as vases. They are so sweet and always start a fun conversation!

Have fun with it! One week use single flowers and the next cut the stems real low and bunch a few together! I promise they will put a smile on your face!

(images from top to bottom: chez larsson, domino magazine, lekker, napastyle, west elm, jace interiors)


And Kathleen said...

I think the easiest way to be happy in your home is to have a clean space and flowers.

Heather S Thompson said...

Beautiful blog and post. I adore the tea tin idea!! Thanks for the inspiration to return to the simple things!

Creategirl said...

thanks Kathleen and Heather for the comments!

Karen said...

What a colorful eye full of fun! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas - now off I go to scrounge the cabinets for neat things. Something colorful to put my wooden spoons in on the stovetop - that sounds like fun to me!