Take me away!

First let me apologize. This week I have been feeling a little under the weather with an awful sinus cold, not fun but I have been thinking of you and wanted to at least share a little something.

I came across the picture and just had to share. Since Sunday I have had beach houses on my mind, I actually started an inspiration folder with my recent finds. The picture above is fantastic! Take a look at the details. The white cushions each have a different color contrasting welt, orange, pink and turquoise. These colors are than pulled together in the striped pillows. Such a small detail which makes a big impact!
What magazines and website do you look to for beach cottage inspiration? Please share, my folder needs to grow!!

(image from Southern Accents)


Leslie said...

I want to jump right in this photo! You have a great blog- I will be back again!!! I will keep my eyes open for some beach house links too.

Creategirl said...

thanks Leslie! I think you are in California so I am sure you will have some great beach house finds!