Boston condo tour - Roop Style

I am SO excited to share a fantastic Boston Home with you today and I completely stumbled upon it by accident! Don't you just love when that happens? As I posted about here, I truly admire the local designer Frank Roop and his work. His style is consistently clean and fresh but with just the right amount of punch. He mixes textures unlike any other I know. I even have one of his foyer photos pinned up on my inspiration board, it's one of my "aspire to have" pictures! Take a walk with my through his newest project featured in the May issue of Metropolitan Home, it is just gorgeous!

This is the picture which stopped me in my tracks and told me to search out this space as it was something special. The powder coated steel stools are just amazing, so strong with the geometric cut outs. They are even Roop Designed. I wish this was 3D so I could scoot around the island and see what is going on over at the dining nook! The layered wallpaper draws you right in!

Can we stop for a moment and swoon over the leather raised floor?! I have always been drawn to raised rooms and this is FABULOUS! I love separating a space by a step up if it is at all possible. The back wall is a great take off of a traditional "built in bookcase". Take note of the accent color coming down the middle, slightly connecting all 3 rows. I am not sure if it is paint or wallpaper but that is a great affect! Yes that is THE Frank Roop hanging on the sofa.

This is a beautifully serene bedroom. The leather headboard and floating nightstand create the perfect amount of unique interest. With solid neutral bedding the focus really becomes the artwork.

Ann Sachs aluminum subway tile placed on the vertical accents the tall ceilings

Take a look at the living room above there are not many patterns here. The movement really comes from all the different textures in the room. Frank Roop used many versions of cashmere and velvets in this space along with nailhead trim and metals. The wallpaper has an interesting reflective quality.

Hope you enjoyed the visit of a Frank Roop designed condo! I can't wait to see what he does next.

All photos are by Eric Roth (more to come on him in the next few days). He is an amazing interior photographer and I am excited to be attending an event showcasing all of his work tomorrow night!

(images from Point Click Home)


And Kathleen said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm intrigued by the paint on the ceiling in that last image.

Boston Bachelorette Ideas said...

Amazing photos. I love the mirror collage. Thank you.

Creategirl said...

Thanks for the comments! Kathleen, I know the ceiling is so cool. I need to investigate that further..more to come : )

Kathy Kuo Designs said...

The Anne Sachs subway tile bathroom is the best usage of that tile in any room I've seen! Thanks for sharing! Please check me out at

I love how you write- very refreshing, and witty! Thanks!

Rebecca Corvese said...

Wow! I really like his style. He's done some things that I haven't seen before and that's unusual today! Thanks to you I will be keeping my eye out for his work!

Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} said...


Just found your blog and thought to leave a positive comment saying that you are a great source for inspiration. It's always nice to find designers who blog. Myself I am an Interior Design student so of course I look up to you ;)

All the best!

Creategirl said...

thanks Caroline and Kathy, your sweet comments mean the world!