The Grand Frank Roop!

Frank Roop is an amazing interior designer here in Boston and I am a big fan. His work is clean with a great bit of whimsy, just the type of design I am drawn to for myself. I discovered his work while flipping through Boston Magazine Home where they profiled him in his amazing Back Bay house. Gorgeous, does not even begin to describe his personal space. The way the rooms are arranged is a sneak peak into his background as a merchandiser. Like myself Roop started as a merchandiser for a Newbury Street clothing store before jumping over to interiors, yet another reason I am drawn to his style! His rooms are full of small details, which if the viewer does not take a moment to find could be overlooked. It's these small details which make his rooms so grand! Here are some dreamy rooms to swoon over!

the green fabric chandelier and glass like tile floor
are what made me stop, just lovely!

warm and inviting using tones of the same color

beautiful windows, framed with luxurious panels

this is a great example of working
with the angle of the ceiling

sometimes a simple arrangement can have a big impact

(images from Frank Roop and Boston Magazine Home)

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