Twisting the traditional Dining Room

Roy Lichtenstein’s Masterpiece, 1962

Today I came across this photo of Agnes Gunds Dining Room in her Park Avenue Home. What do you think of it? It's kind of a fun departure from all the "keep it in the theme" designing. At first, I was not sure but with a closer look, I really like it. Many people inherit classic dining room sets like this English Mahogany collection. What if you are not that "traditional" but love the nostalgia of your passed down piece? This is a example of how to make it work. They have chosen a subtle rug and seat fabric, this creates a calming factor to the vibrant blue paint. Your focus is the art work which paired with a simple crisp white mantel works perfectly. If there were too many patterns in this space you would not know what your focus was. With this scheme you are equally drawn to the beauty of the table and the strength of the artwork. It is a fantastic combination!

(image from W magazine)

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