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this was one of my favorite tables. I loved the combo of apples, twigs and flowers in the vases and how they mimicked the wallpaper. The thick wood top table had uplights built in which was one of our favorite features!
table by Beringer Vineyards, Marc Blackwell

Friday night I was invited to attend the DIFFA Cocktails by Design event at the Boston Design Center. This is an amazing event where designers, local artists and corporate sponsors create over the top dining tables. As you will see some of them lived up to the over the top description! It was great fun to view these Alice in Wonderland type designs, a few very practical and others incredibly fun to daydream about! The event travels around the country to many other cities so check out the website here to see if it will be local in your part of the country! In the meantime enjoy some of the photos I have below, it was a truly exciting and inspiring evening!

the "bubble chandelier" and photographed wall decor were fantastic

it's hard to tell in this photo but the benches were very deep and had a great lounge feel. The combo of the fuscia and silver was a nice elegant touch. Those are little butterflies tagged onto the branches, easy to duplicate on your own table!

table by Leslie Saul Interiors, she used an Eames like coffee table on top to create height

Hewlett Packard by Vivenne Tam

what else can I say, except I was in awe of this table. The workmanship to create the boat like feel of the ceiling was incredible. It was a very Zen like room

Dennis Duffy, a Boston Designer really had fun with this table! The words to describe this room were "happy and joyful "! The acrylic chairs played so well off the pink fabric

"the green table"
New York Times by Doug Wilson

You can see more pictures of the tables that travel around the country here.
Did you attend the event? If so what table was your favorite?
Tomorrow I will post about the most amazing room from one of our favorite paint companies!!

(all images from my own collection)

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