Dining by Benjamin Moore

To continue with Boston's Dining By Design, this is one room (....really house) which blew me away. David Stark, the designer of this Benjamin Moore table took color swatches and created a wave of blue walls. The table was so vibrant and used bold colors in such a way, you wanted to dive right in and have party there! In the most fantastic way, it felt like a box of crayola crayons exploding! The gradual changes in color were extraordinary and I can only imagine how many hours it took to get it just so. Patience would be something to come in handy with this project! Take a peak at the images below, it is like being in an Alice in Wonderland Chapter, at least for a design/paint lover! Truly remarkable and creative work! I can't wait for next years show now.

(images from my collection and Toast and Tables)

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