Monday Morning Happy!

Hi All! Hope you had a great weekend! This weekend I finally forced myself into a time out. Have you ever had to do that for yourself? Just say enough, you are moving to fast, take a break, slow down and give yourself time to recharge? Well that is what I least on Sunday. I woke up to a dark day with snow falling and chilly temps, which is sometimes the best feeling when you have no where to go and can hang out on the sofa under some blankets! It's amazing what a little down time can do for you, today I feel energized and ready to get going! How do you give yourself a time out? Is it by pampering yourself with a spa day, turning off the phone and vegging out with movies or is it by cooking a big meal? Share some of your recharging tricks by commenting below!

The Cute Picture of the week is an adorable book I came across on the Urban Outfitters website. The first Charles Schulz book named, "Happiness is a warm puppy"! Could it be an cuter? It is filled with happy thoughts like "Happiness is a fuzzy sweater and Happiness is a pile of leaves". Just more evidence that sometimes the simple things make us the happiest. I think this would be a great stocking stuffer for the favorite people in your life. Yet another reason to take a "time out" and appreciate the little things, like that fuzzy sweater!
Enjoy the week!

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Anonymous said...

nice choices, love the pink dress.
maybe my granddaughters will wear
dresses like that for my daughter's