My photo tour of Las Vegas

Our trip to Las Vegas was absolutely amazing, filled with lots of family time with relatives who live all over the country. As I wrote about here in a previous post we were out there to celebrate my Gram's 90th birthday. After traveling all over the world Vegas was one place she had never seen and always wanted to visit. It was a great time and as a creative girl it was an incredibly visual place. I took a day to myself and wandered through each hotel on the strip, here are a few of my most visually pleasing finds! Enjoy!

Above is heaven in a tiny alcove. When you enter the restaurant Tao you are greeted by 10 of these cement "tubs" filled with rose petals and candles. The vibe at Tao is incredibly calming and peaceful. Honestly I could have jumped right in...if only there had been a curtain to pull across!

The chandelier above at Mandalay Bay, literally made me stop in my tracks. Isn't it just gorgeous? The space has amazingly high ceilings so a chandelier like this was needed to make a statement. There is great balance with the large table and the soft flowers, which only add to the drama of the fixture. Love it!

This wallpaper was just stunning. I have to say I forget which casino it was in, I just remember it was part of the "high roller" suite I walked past. The dark wallpaper with the dark wood felt very masculine but also very warm. It was striking and it's something I will keep in mind for a room scheme.

Tiny diamonds dancing on the ceiling was how the rows of enormous chandeliers, at the Paris Hotel made me feel! These were in the lobby and was such a nice welcome as you entered, it definitely set the tone for the rest of the hotel. Job well done since that is exactly what a foyer should do, set the feel for the rest of the space! I also loved the detail of the bronze medallions, it gave the room an old world feel. Perfect!

Lastly we arrive at my favorite shots! More to come in another post on this topic, but I have to say I become giddy by a creative window display. One of my first jobs was to create eye catching windows on the high end Newbury Street in Boston. It was hard work but so much fun!
The above photo was at the Barney's New York window in the Venetian Hotel. If you look closely you can see the mannequin is sitting on a shoe made entirely of wire hangers. So creative and well executed! Below is a simple window at Fendi, I believe it is Fendi, I was so excited I forgot to write down the store! Mounting all the closed circuit cameras to the wall pointing at the stylish woman is just perfect and when you think about it, has a hidden message.

Thanks for taking a tour of my favorite Las Vegas sites! If you have ever been please share some of your favorite sites!

(all images taken from creategirl's collection)

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I really like the pictures of the chandeliers. They really are unique and like you said add a statement to the rooms. Thank you for sharing.