Monday Morning Happy

Its the start of a new week and I am happy to say the tshirts and sun dresses have been put away and are now replaced with cozy warm sweaters and cute jackets!! It is such a relief when that task is done and I have a new wardrobe to choose from. Now to start with the switch of decor and bedding, but we will address that project in another post!
The Cute Picture of the week is from a Hallmark Shoebox card and was given to me by another dog lover. I am a huge sap for a good card and tend to save the ones I love for years....yes this can become a problem but they are so cute!!
Enjoy the week

(image by Randall Michelson and Juan Tallo and Creative Closetsworks)


Amy said...

The closet picture is very inviting. I only wish I had a closet like that!

Creategirl said...

if only this was my actual closet...