Dive Right In

Since I am about to go on vacation I thought I would leave you with some swoon worthy pools! Don't you just love a great hotel pool? These are more over the top but they are fun to dream about!
Above is the absolutely gorgeous pool at Burj Al Arab in Dubai, isn't it spectacular? I love the color scheme and the columns are more than amazing. I will need to do some research on this hotel since I am sure if the pool is this gorgeous imagine what the rooms are like?

Staying with the topic.....next we have the serene indoor pool at the Observatory Hotel in Sydney, Australia. It looks so relaxing, a place where your troubles could literally fall away as you float on your back looking up to the stars!!

The Reflecting Pool above at the Grand Wailea Hotel in Hawaii is just stunning! The grounds looks so lush and to be surrounded by all those palm trees with the lull of the ocean could not be any more relaxing!

Do you have a favorite hotel pool that has made your vacation even more enjoyable? If so please share!

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