When 90 feels like 75!

Gram and I acting silly a few years ago

Today is a very special day! My Beloved "Gram" turns the big 9 0!! It's hard to believe she is 90 because to be honest, she doesn't act like it. Its a family joke that she runs circles (actually she does aerobics 3 times a week) around all of us. Which is the truth, her social calendar is booked weeks in advance, she is always going to the movies with her friends, taking a trip to Foxwoods or volunteering at the church or the rehab center. She is one of the most giving people I know. My love of the city started when my Gram would take me into "town", to the Italian part of Boston known as the North End. When her family came from Sicily, the North End is where they settled and started the first Macaroni Factory. Hearing all of the stories of the factory and running a business helped me start my own company. People always say you are so courageous to have a company and I just say it's in my blood! Gram is an amazing woman who, if she saw you on the street with a map would stop, ask where you were headed, give you directions and than invite you over for dinner. You had a lifelong friend in her after this meeting! She is proof age is really just a number...she says she feels like 75 after all!
So here's to my Gram, happy happy birthday I hope you are always as healthy, happy and energetic as you are today!
a picture of Gram and her sisters in 1928 (she is the adorable girl on the right)

(all images from my personal collection)

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