The Trustworthy Piggy Bank

I remember as a child it was so exciting to have someone give you coins to put in your bank. I loved the sound of the quarter (I could only hope) hitting the ceramic inside. I would sit and wonder how much money was in there, than dump it out to count on my bed. These were the good ol' days! It seems as if the Piggy Bank is the way to go once again so I thought I would do a bit of scouting to find the sweetest ones out there. This is what I have come up with!
Who can resist a classic silver piggy bank like this one from Carters? Precious! From Elegant Baby comes the "huge piggy bank". It's available in many bright happy colors and I love the sharp white polka dots, might just make saving pennies fun. If you want to be high tech about it, Back to Basics offers the Pink Pig E. Bank which calculates as you add coins. To empty just push the snout to release the coins.

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