Monday Morning Happy

Happy First Day of fall everyone! Summer is officially over, which makes me sad because I am not ready to move on from my lovely 85 degree days but I don't really have a choice now do I? Fall is a great time of year here in New England as you never know what the day will bring. For instance today inside the house it was chilly so of course I bundled up with my 3 layers (yes 3) only to go outside and realize it was much warmer, a pleasant surprise. I also love the fall colors, all the browns, oranges and yellows are very warm and soothing to me! The picture of the week is from my own collection and hangs on my refrigerator so I see it every morning. It was one of the best days last year, all of the kids came for a day of games and playing outside. Can you see how all of their knees are stained with mud? I am sure their Mothers just loved me when they returned home!
Happy New Week!

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