Monday Morning Happy

On many blogs, especially design blogs you will find an inspiration picture of the week. I always love looking at these as I feel like it gives me a peak into the mood of the blogger. Sometimes the photo even inspires me whether with a color combination or a new arrangement. For CreateGirl I have decided to post a picture at the start of each week but it will not necessarily be an inspirational decor picture as sometimes I just need a break from interior shots. This section will be named "Cute Picture of the Week". It will be an image I come across which just makes me stop and say awww that is too sweet! A photo which puts a quick smile on my face reminding me to slow down and enjoy the simple things! You might find a theme as most of these slow down moments include the kids in my life or dogs! This weeks picture is from a day when the kids came to visit, instead of doing something elaborate we decided to just hang out front and play with the sidewalk chalk!! Literally it was hours worth of fun!
If you come across a picture you would like to share please send it along! Happy New Week : )

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Mike said...

I have a certain picture from graduation that may interest you.