Dream Office

For months I have had this photo pinned to my inspiration board just above my desk. The image is from Cottage Living Magazine and I immediately fell in love! Working from home means your home office needs to be even more organized than if it is just an office you use at night or on the weekends. My dream is to have a sweet little garage converted to an office like this one. Imagine leaving the house to work but still be at home? In some ways I feel like we would be even more productive.

Here is another clean lined office space I really like. It is a renovated attic and a great use of space!I find myself drawn to the clean lines and organized shelves because I aspire to be that organized. Another extremely important factor to having a home office is lots of sunlight and big windows. Whether it is just seeing the weather change or if you are in the city like me, watching people walk on the streets, it makes you feel as if you don't really work alone. I guess this is true for anyone working anywhere!!
What type of work area do you dream of going to everyday?

images from Cottage Home and Point Click Home

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