Place of Remembrance

A beautiful new memorial has been unveiled here in Boston, at Logan Airport. The "Place of Remembrance" was designed by the incredible Moskow Linn Architects . Along 2 paths which lead to the memorial are 102 Ginkgo Trees. The memorial is a glass cube with 2 glass panels inside which seem as if they are reaching to the sky, victims names are etched in the panels. In an article on Keith Moskow one of the principal architects described the steel cables and translucent gray squares coming from the ceiling as a " fractured sky." saying "No one ever looked at the sky the same way again". Such a true statement. It takes great sensitivity along with creativity to design such a memorial and I applaud Moskow Linn for a job well done.
May we all slow down for a moment this morning and remember the day and those who were so tragically lost.

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