Monday Morning Happy + House Proud!

There are many things I love about fall in New England but nothing more than the changing leaves! The colors are always so magical and I stand in awe of the beauty.

Fall Leaves Google Image

For some this magical feeling can suddenly turn to dread as they remember they need to actually rake those leaves but for me I enjoy the process. This weekend it was warm enough for me to enjoy being outside! We turned up the music and got to raking and 7 hours later we were done!


I absolutely love the way a yard looks after it has been cleared of all the leaves, the grass looks greener and everything feels so fresh! I also love the sense of accomplishment that comes with this hard work and how I feel "house proud" after! Some people save time and have the landscaper come and get rid of the leaves but for me I think I will enjoy the time outside and the exercise I get! Now once the snow comes.....I will happily hire the snowplow guy!

Enjoy the new week!

(image via Google, trip cart)


Donna said...

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY and that's one thing that I really missed since I've moved - driving to the New England states to really enjoy the colors.

Pretty pictures!


Agreed - there is nothing like spending a Saturday getting things done around the house and yard, and then settling in for a relaxing dinner and enjoying the fruits of your labor!