Giving Thanks to Blogging Friends

On this day before Thanksgiving (yes my favorite holiday...) I just wanted to take a brief time out to say thank you to some of my friends in the blogging world. In the last year I have become close to  these people who I now consider my "co-workers"! Twitter has introduced me to many of them and if I could hug the Big TW I would! Some of these blogs you might know but some might be new to you, please visit them and leave a comment saying hello, I know they would appreciate it! Putting out a daily blog might look easy but let me be the first to tell you it's not, the people below are some of the most hardworking creatives I know!


Cassandra - Coco + Kelley
Stacy - StacyStyle
 Vitania - Verdi Gris Vie
Mackenzie  - Design Darling

Living Etc

Mally - Mally Skok Design
Stephanie - Sabbe Spot
Ashlina - The Decorista

 Christian - Maison 21
Marcy Style Lesson
Camille - Camille Styles
Katie - Bogle Street

These are just a few of my favorites, if I was to add everyone the list would be pages long! Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

(images from House Beautiful, Living Etc, My Home Ideas)


LindsB said...

All great blogs! You are such a sweet blogger to everyone :)
Happy Thanksgiving! xx

Marcy said...

Thank you for all that YOU do! This community of bloggers has grown into a group of true friends. I appreciate your support so much.

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

I LOVE THE LIST. Everyone is so wonderful!
How incredibly lucky we are to all work together, right???

PS when is our next playdate?

Katie R. said...

You were one of the first ppl I met, you taught me the ropes, encouraged me to tweet, and now look, you've created a monster! :-)
Thanks for all your encouragement. Thankful to know you...

Unknown said...

This is so sweet! I'm thankful to know YOU. I can't thank you enough for your kindness and support this past year. Cheers to what 2012 has in store! xx

Unknown said...

aww, you are so sweet! i'm also grateful for all the amazing, fun, and talented people (like you) that the social media world has brought into my life.

hope you had an awesome holiday!



Anonymous said...

Jules, you are a daily inspiration. I am SO thankful for you and honored to be included on this list of super talented creatives! Bring on 2012! ;) xoxo

ABC Dragoo said...

oh goodness - am I late to say thank you, or what? I swear it was Thanksgiving and I blinked and it was our Winter Solstice party with no time in between!

Thank you Julie for the sweet mention in this post!