Reusable Gift Wrapping Ideas

Ask anyone who has ever received a present from me, I am a BIG fan of wrapping with reusable items. Maybe it's because I can always find use for tea towels and decorative boxes or just love the creative challenge. Below are a few of my favorite wrapping paper alternatives!

A tea towel is always useful and a perfect way to wrap your present! Check out this "teapot and jugs" option from skinnylaminx, so bright and cheery!

Paper Source is one of my go to places for interesting wrapping ideas! I adore these fun "suitcases" and at $11 I know it is a good solution. Plus it is a great design accent for storage!

I love The Hip Hostess for her fun aprons, especially this "Cherry Me" one! Wrap it around a few cooking tools like wooden spoons or spatulas and you are set to give!

If you don't want to spend extra on the wrapping than use the brown bags you get from the grocery store. Turn it inside out so you don't see the writing and dress it up with this decorative tape. It's a fantastic accent and even better you get 27 yds for $9.99!


Apt. #34 said...

The decorative tape is genius!

The Hip Hostess said...

Very creative ideas here! I've been looking at those adorable suitcases at Paper Source, perfect for gift giving. Love the tape idea too. Thank you so much for including us! We're totally flattered.

::levina:: said...

great the decorative tape idea.