Holiday mantels on a budget

A mantel can be the focal point of any room and even more so at the holidays! You don't necessarily have to decorate every inch of your room in holiday cheer (I actually like to just decorate a few areas) so just focus on the mantel and make life a little easier. Its a quick place to decorate and also one that can be inexpensive. Below you can see a few examples of using items you might already have in your home.

Pile up all the ornaments you are not using on your tree. The key here is to stick to one or 2 colors and vary the sizes. You can mix in some sheer white tissue paper or batting to help the ornaments stay in place and it will also act like a bit of faux snow!

Wrap a few presents in festive paper, add tea lights (which I bet you already have in your house) and drape a single strand of garland over the picture or mirror. Instantly you have an easy make over!

Candles can create drama to any mantel! Vary the heights and use similar colors. Gather frames from around house and fill them with family holiday photos from the past. It's the perfect opportunity to reminisce a little and make fun of each other, that is if you are my brother! A casual swag of green adds the holiday cheer!

Greens, Greens, Greens! One of the absolute easiest and inexpensive ways to decorate. Jump outside and see what you can gather from the backyard or go down to the local Christmas tree yard and see what they might give up. There are always tree limbs which have dropped off and need to be discarded.

What do you think, would you try these inexpensive ideas on your mantel? Please share ideas you might have used this holiday season!

(images: Canada House and Home, My Home Ideas/Homes and Garden, Traditional Home, Traditional Home)


Diana Strinati Baur said...

love those greens .... :) just lovely. I use them alot (out of control bay-leaf tree right outside my front door!!!)

Thanks for your email....i am getting caught up and will touch base with you before christmas!

Budget Wise Home said...

I love these mantel ideas. It really shows how easy it is to just shop your own house or backyard and make a big impact without spending a dime. I love the blue ornament mantel.

Null said...

Glad to report that hubby and I are mantle masters! We decorated it using a combination of different sized glass ornaments interspersed amongst evergreen clippings that we picked up for $5.

I also picked up some short topiaries in gold cracklure pots. The finishing touch was a couple of really small Nantucket baskets and lighthouse ornaments. I wanted it to remind me of Gloucester and the sea.

::levina:: said...

great post! love the first two images :).