Taking what I can get at Bombay

Do you know Bombay Duck? I came across this adorable site a few months back and continue to torment myself by browsing around. Why do you ask am I tormenting myself? Well they only ship within the UK and I am in the US! I thought I would at least share some of their sweet styled photos with you because if nothing else they are inspiring!

Outdoor tableware! The polka dot glasses are a current fav.

These aprons and dish towels just make me SMILE!

This could be my next brunch set up! I love the layered look and numbers to which could relate back to a lovely menu at each place setting!

A great way to display mirrors and with the sheen of the silver wallpaper it creates such a glamorous photo!

What can I say about this except I want this door knob!!

If you live in the UK do you shop at Bombay Duck?

(images from Bombay Duck)


Danielle said...

I love that brunch setup as well! So cute!

Chroma Lab said...

Whoa--instant doorknob envy!

Hopeless Chest said...

that blue door knob is AMAZING

Julie said...

If that doornob comes in pink I MUST get it for my daughter! She is addicted to everything pink ;)

Laura Bates said...

So nice to hear that you like our products! We love designing them and are really pleased that you are enjoying them.

We are launching a new website in a matter of weeks and we will then be able to ship to the US!

(we do sell pink door knobs - every house should have some!)

Bombay Duck - pink door knobs

Laura x

Creategirl said...

Laura! Thanks so much for leaving a comment, it is always so great to hear from companies we love. I am so excited to see your new site AND to purchase our favorite items and have them shipped to the US! Thanks for the link.

Unknown said...

GREAT NEWS - the new site went live 1hr ago - thought that we better tell you!

Better news... we now ship to the USA!

Let us know what you think - www.bombayduck.co.uk