Monday Morning Happy!

Welcome to a new week here at CreateGirl. Hope everyone had a great weekend. A friend just moved into the sweetest new house and asked me to come out and brainstorm a few design ideas with her. I have to say it was SO much fun! At times, as a working designer you can get caught up in the marketing, working on projects and the business side of things that you lose touch with why you got into interiors in the first place. This weekend reminded me of why I love what I do so much and how lucky I am to have the opportunity to live it! I can't tell you how much fun I had helping out! On my drive home I felt completely rejuvenated and fell in love with interiors all over again. It also helps when the person you are collaborating with has a fabulous design eye as well. So I start this new week feeling so grateful that I was reminded of how much fun design truly is and how rewarding it is to help someone love their home. Thanks Melissa!

Do you ever get so caught up with the little details that you forget why you loved something in the first place?

(image from Bombay Duck)


Chroma Lab said...

We were in NYC a few weekends ago doing something similar to our friend's new place. We brought a car load of furniture and had a blast!

Anonymous said...

Clearing the cobwebs out of the right side of my brain was just what I needed. you've made me so excited about the potential I have with my little house. I'm so happy.

the ability to help others use their creative side and get them excited about it is such a gift.

A million thanks