Coexisting on their own

I love this picture of his and her work spaces! The shutters easily close over to separate the offices from the living room. Notice the sweet star chandeliers and matching bookshelves. They are individual spaces but by keeping similar layouts they flow from one to another. Its great when you can incorporate work areas into your living areas without having them scream office!

How do you work with your significant other? Are you the type who sit with their laptops on the sofa, feet up on the coffee table or do you retreat to your own office spaces to work? I have to admit this summer I loved sitting out on the deck lounging in my chaise with the laptop. At times my neighbors might have thought I was nuts since as it got dark all your could see was the glow of the screen. I enjoyed every incredibly warm moment of it!!

(image from Home Ideas)


Vanessa Greenway said...

We're the ones who sits on the couch with our laptops and "strech" our legs on little ottomans... work, chat and "surf" de net... This picture is so inspiring... Best, Vanessa

Chroma Lab said...

Easy--I send Tony to work in our studio and I take over the office! Ha ha!

He has a desk in our office, too, but it's dedicated to his painting and sewing. We also have a shared table (one that his great grandfather made by hand a long time ago) that we use for cutting fabric and packing clocks.