How To Thursday: Create an office nook

Guess what day it is? "How To Thursday"! Hope you find these tips helpful

When I first started Jace Interiors I did not have an office just a small corner in my bedroom that I tried to create an "office" out of. Thankfully now I have a weee bit larger space outside the bedroom! With a little creativity any nook can become a work space. A few things to remember:

*Have a place for everything, you can see by the photos below many boxes are
used to keep items tidy.
*Use your height: shelves are a great way to get things off the floor like printers and files.
*A curtain can soften any space especially a closet that is turned into an office.
*Install bright enough lighting that you can easily work and it will make any nook feel larger.
*Maximize your space with a smaller chair but make sure you have plenty of workspace.

We don't all have an extra room to spread out in so here are a few small space ideas to make the most of what you do have!

note the sweet pom pom trim on the shelves!! Sweet

Do you work in a small office space? Please share your tips!

(Images via House and Home, Real Simple, My Home Ideas, Point Click Home, Row House)


pillowthrowdecor said...

Excellent article and great pictures!
Love the pictures of converting a closet to a computer station! Good job. Cheers Christine

Annelise said...

I love the third one from the bottom with the blue chair. Is that in a closet?

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I love that Davis chair, in white, with the roll back top! We used it in a marketing firm my old firm designed. Everything else was super, super cheap, but the chairs made it all look high end. I want one. My husband wants an Aeron:(

Creategirl said...

thanks Christine, you are so sweet! Annelise, yes I believe that is a double closet converted into an office. I love the blue chair! Stephanie, I am going to send you an email as I have a client who wants to sell her Aeron AND might have a lead on a Davis chair too : )

Hopeless Chest said...

those are fantastic, my fave is the one with the wallpaper inside

Anonymous said...

i love these nook offices. The first one with all the blue is to die for!
I wish I had an extra closet where I could fit one! Unfortunately, living in an old Victorian, closet space is even more limited than office space!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Since you are a designer, I hope you will share your own office space, too!