Rug Pad USA - it will save your tush!

A question that I am constantly asked by homeowners is where do I buy a good rug pad. Well here is the answer, Rug Pad USA. Yes I know it is not the most glamorous subject but it's an important topic at least to your rug and floors. Recently I lifted up my family room rug to give our hard wood floors a good wash and guess what I found, a pile of sand! The old store bought "rug pad" had literally disintegrated under my expensive area rug! It was disgusting and shocked me into saying what the heck was that made out of?  Let me tell you why Rug Pad USA is different.

They are ALL made in the USA and cut within 24 hours of your ordering it.

You can customize the dimensions - important for that rare size antique rug you just scored!

They are "constructed primarily of bio-based, renewable, and eco-friendly materials - including 100% natural soybean oil and a non-slip organic polymer coating. It does not contain potentially harmful fillers (such as phthalates) found in many imported padding."

You can search your floor type and rug to find the option best for you...and there are many options!

You know those fabulous flat weave, dhurrie and kilim rugs we all love but are just a little too harsh to sit on?

Here is your solution, add a comfy felt rug pad underneath and now you have a great looking rug that has a bit of a cushion for your tush!


To be completely honest when Will from Rug Pad USA contacted me we had just brought this little guy home which meant I was spending WAY more time sitting on my rug and it just wasn't that comfortable. We talked over the options and he sent me the Eco-Cushion Non Slip Pad to try for our family room and guess what? I am truly loving it. Now when I sit on the floor you can tell there is a bit of a cushion under the rug which just makes it much more comfortable for the hours of play that are going on.

So there you go it might not be glamorous but it will save your floor, rugs and tush in the long run! Pop on over to Rug Pad USA and take a look, if you see something you like use code pr15off for a 15% discount!

(images via Rug Pad USA, Capel Rugs and Jace Interiors)

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