Iron Out That Cape

In the coming months....ok ok Mr. Vog I hear you, in the coming year you will see more posts on exterior renovation as we begin to work....errr ok talk about our own house. In New England you find many Cape Cod Style homes and I am constantly hunting for a way to make it not look like a Cape Style house, yea I have issues. Anyhow when I came across this image on Pinterest today, I sat back saying this could work for me!

First can we point out how beautiful that iron work is and added to a sweet front porch, well that just put me over the edge! The floor to ceiling windows with black casings definitely give this Cape a Traditional Southern feel that I am just loving. The Victorian moldings next to the center window can go but most everything else can stay, now if only I could get a glimpse on the inside...

What do you think? Do you like this style Cape better than this style Cape?

(image from WHITESTONE Builders < check out their website, it is incredible)


June Pope said...

The house you posted is so sweet. I love the wrought iron and heavy molding above the windows. Who wouldn't love that porch?

Unknown said...

i loved the shot of your speaks a lot..liked it..:)

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KCE said...

i loved it :) Thanks for your post :)

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