Manolo and Madeline - A Shoe Love Story

Don't blame me but here is another reason to shop for if we need it, right? Madeline Weinrib and the shoe KING Manolo Blahnik are collaborating to bring us a bit more joy. We all know how a Weinrib Rug, Pillow or accent piece can literally bring life to any room and now with the help of Manolo she plans to bring that same delight to our feet!

There is something for every shoe lover in the collection and while these are not necessarily affordable they are a forever wardrobe item! So go on save your pennies, the top left are by far my favorite because they feels so timeless!

If you are not familiar with Madeline Weinrib she is know for her block, ikat and suzani prints.

Her area rugs can be described as both modern and timeless and are always full of color. In many rooms they are the center piece and command attention in the most gentle manner!


What do you think of this collaboration? Would you buy a Manolo/Weinrib shoe?

(images via Madeline Weinrib and She Finds)


Elmer said...

I love this colab!

Shay said...

Great finds! I'm more a fan of those shoes though!

Unknown said...

Those are beautiful shoes, what a great collaboration.

cecilia said...

If I could afford the Manolo's...yes! I would buy a Madeline Weinrib designed shoe! Cool collaboration. Wonder where they will sell them? Keep me posted! I'd love to check them out.

Unknown said...

Loved the shoes..:)
great stuff

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