Wild for Windsor Chairs

This past fall when I was at High Point Market I popped into the Mitchell Gold showroom and was immediately smitten with their modern interpretation of the iconic Windsor Chair. Soon I noticed many other retailers introducing their own version of the beloved chair. Whether in the original bow back or the updated fan back there truly is a style and color for every house!

Mitchell Gold Winslet Chairs

This image shows how a burst of color on Windsor Chairs can really bring a kitchen to life!

Maine Cottage offers the Bow Back styled Windsor Chair in 46 colors!


My favorite new Windsor introduction has to be the Crate and Barrel Willa Chair! It is available in Snow, Black, White, Dove and Peacock....YES Peacock! I am in love and might even add a few to our home office!

What are your thoughts on the newly interrupted Windsor Chair? Would you use them in your house?


Martin said...

I could see this in my home for sure! I'm gonna look into this a little more.

Josh Urso Design said...

The peacock is such a surprise and a great way to add this traditional style to a modern home. A great find and a timeless design that deserves a revisit!