Color Time - Perfect Pink Nursery Paint

Recently I was contacted by a new client who needed help with her nursery. She always dreamed of having a little girl and knew she wanted a super girly room which included pink walls! The first thing I always do is gather inspirational photos because let's face it some people say they want pink walls but cringe once they see the amount of pink there will be! Here are 2 great examples I am using to get a sense of the tone of pink and feel she would like for the room.


Benjamin Moore - Cool - Lava - meohmy
Cool Lava conveys a more mature and dramatic feel while still being girly!


Gentle Butterfly is a quiet wisp of a color and has a very feminine feel!

With Cool Lava I will go with more of a contrast and less pattern letting the wall color be the focus. If we end up going with something a bit quieter like the second photo I would suggest a tad more pattern and an accent color for the space! Either way I love them both!

Which pink speaks to your personal style?

 *Note: The above room is the actual paint color not just a resemblance of the color. As you can see above, the paint chip sample online looks different than what is in the actual room photo. When choosing paint for your own home never go by what you see online, the color will always be a tad different. I suggest picking up a small paint sample at the store and paint a color swatch in the actual room, than you will never be disappointed!

(images from Benjamin Moore, me oh my, photography by Ashlee Raubach, Benjamin Moore and Caitlin Wilson Designs)

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Kayla Marie said...

Love the 2nd room! More subtle and soothing. Allows for more texture, pattern, and contrasting colors to be added to the space! Can't wait to see which color you choose! :)