Umbrella Art courtesy of Target

As the Mr. will tell you there are times my Home Mags pile up in the corner just begging to be read. When I do have time to read them I often rush through just glancing at the photos for client inspiration. Lucky for me last week I took an afternoon grabbed my ice tea and headed outside to go through my stack and boy am I glad I did! This room from designer Barbara Franceski had an unexpected element, "Umbrella Art"! She wanted to make what is usually a walk through room a show stopper and was determined to think outside the box. Thankfully a rainy day and a drying umbrella was right there for inspiration! She took her two Target (yes Target!!!) umbrellas, dismantled them, fastened the tops to the wall and tada she had a great piece of art with fabulous pattern and color! The added nailheads and fabric wallpaper just accentuate the color! Fun right?

Barbara Franceski - Interior Designer

 What do you think, would you use unexpected objects for Art in your home?

(images from Traditional Home)


myrna said...

I love the thought of the unexpected in my home thats a definite yes for me!!

courtney {splendid actually} said...

Love that! And completely agree with Myrna, unexpected pieces are so fun!

Creategirl said...

I am glad I took the time to read the article because at first glance I thought it was a flat piece of artwork! Thanks for the comments ladies!

Unknown said...

Very nice I really like the texture and matte finishing in some pieces of this room.