Penthouse Daydreaming

Let's put a BIG fat emphasis on the word daydreaming in the above title because unless any of us have $22 million in the bank that is all we are going to be doing here. Though let's be honest at 3pm on a Thursday afternoon daydreaming of places to live (or playing on Pinterest) is what's going to get us to the end of the day. So let's get to it!

With a wrap around sofa and a 2nd floor library why would anyone need to leave home?

I like the idea of this modest size kitchen (remember we are talking a $22 million house here so I can use modest in reference to this space...).

Floor to ceiling windows are a requirement of mine while daydreaming of a new house. The natural light in this room would definitely make me happy not to mention the chandeliers and high back chairs!

 Last but not least is the terrace, hello fabulous outdoor room! I especially like how it is broken into dining, lounging and sunbathing spaces...ok ok I will move in NOW!

I know you were just thinking if only this place had a swimming pool it would be perfect, well hop on over to the listing and your wish will come true!

Do you have daydreams of living in a penthouse or are you someone who needs a big backyard?

(images from Home DSGN, Elliman, Dietz Lantern Building)


Anonymous said...

If it has first floor bedroom and laundry on the main floor it would be perfect...So relaxing...

LindsB said...

umm, when can I move in?? Hello lover for sure!

Creategirl said...

Thanks Lindsay! Let's move in NOW! Imagine how wonderful it would be in the winter to lounge in that living room? of course we would not work and have all the time we want to read!

Unknown said...

I'm in love with this place outdoor space it's really very nice.