Ribbon Reindeer

At times the creative people in the world truly blow me away! How adorable are these ribbon reindeers! When Ashley and I stumbled upon Ribbonesia in the office yesterday we were ohhh and ahhh all afternoon long.

Ribbon reindeer
The sweetest reindeer! Can you believe how they have worked this ribbon? So intricate!

Ribbonesia Gift
Honestly if I wrapped my presents like this I would never want anyone to open them!!

This is the gift I would give to all my Twitter Friends! tweet tweet!

Simple Stunning Right? To see their wearable ribbon animals visit Ribbonesia!

(images from the fabulous If it's hip, it's here)


Ashley Sousa said...

Still Oooh-ing and Ahh-ing! Love love love them!

LindsB said...

that is nuts! I love that little reindeer- I'll have to try making one now!

Kari L√łnning said...


Erika Kotite said...

Ribbon is woefully underrated as the finishing touch on gifts. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

Sarah Klassen said...

This is fabulous!