Monday Morning Remembrance

Morning Friends! Usually I reserve CreateGirl for all design business but there are times like today where I just feel the need to show off someone special to me.

 Not only my Gram but my friend and wine tasting partner!

You see, one year ago today I lost one of the most important people in my life, my beloved Grandmother. If you knew Frances Maravigna Covino you would know that she was up for any adventure! She traveled around the world, volunteered her time endlessly and was up for just about anything! If she was in the city and saw you with a map in your hand she would immediately walk up to you, ask if you needed help and most often invite you over for dinner. Growing up these dinners expanded our knowledge of different cultures and shaped up to be much more open minded people!

On her 90th birthday her wish was to take all of her children and grandchildren to Las Vegas, a place she had never been to. This is Gram above with one of my cousins at midnight making a last run through the casino!

She died at 92 and up to the very end she was the one coordinating trips for her friends. Often she would say daily exercise, reading and being social was what kept you young! Of course since she was a Sicilian lady a Mediterranean diet was also what kept your energy level up!

Today take the time to give someone you love a "hello call" just for a moment. I promise it will be something that will brighten both of your days.

xo jul

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Regina at Fauxology said...

Wow -- your Gram sounds amazing. Some people are just born special from the get-go...and I'm truly sorry for your loss. I will be making several "hello" calls. What a wonderful way to remember her: in positivity and in the inspiring of others to remember their loved ones by reaching out.

An Urban Cottage said...

What a remarkable person and what beautiful tribute!

StacyStyle said...

What an amazing woman. Thinking of you on this difficult day. xosk

Jess said...

You know how much I love these posts about your nonna. What a doll! I want to be just like her when I'm 90, planning trips to cities I haven't visited yet! What an awesome lady!

LindsB said...

I didnt know your Grandma but I'm sitting here at work with tears, she sounded like one incredible lady! I know how special my Grandma is to me and I can only imagine yours was just as special to you- thinking of you today :) xx

Creategirl said...

thank you for all the very sweet comments!!