Lighting up the Buffet

At this time of year many of us turn our attention to the dining room since that is where most of the family dinners will be! I will be the first to say I LOVE decorating dining rooms, it's a room I usually encourage the homeowner to stretch themselves in. For instance if they are nervous about using a dark paint color in other rooms suggest we take the leap in the Dining Room. Today I want to focus on the fabulous addition of buffet lamps.


With endless lighting options you now see many people stray from the norm of "candlestick" buffet lamps for something much more dramatic as in these oversized lamps! Don't you just love the way they steal the spotlight?

SouthernLivingPhotogErica George Dines

 PureDesign HGTV 

What type of lighting do you have on your sideboard or buffet?

(image from Desire to Inspire Jessica Kelly, Southern Living photographer Erica George Dines, HGTV Pure Design via Samantha Pynn)


Anonymous said...

I love those last lamps!

LindsB said...

The second photo is delish! Its making me feel all festive right now!

I wish I had a sideboard to light up but my apartment is so small there is no room for one. One day though!

Have a good weekend!

Brandi said...

I love the look of the lamps on the buffet. They're perfect! My apartment might be too small for a full buffet. Actually, I'm still trying to figure out how to light my dining table since I have no overhead lights in the room (crazy, no?).

Sarah Klassen said...

Hello Julieann!

Lovely suggestions—I am particularly drawn to the very first one, as the ideal solution for wanting color, but not in a huge way. Lovely. In the dining room there are lanterns that hang above the sideboard, candle-lit, for extra light...

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far—I have been enjoying your posts in my newsfeed, and having been meaning to stop by recently to say "hello" :)