Holiday Gifts for the Typography Lover

Welcome to the Holiday Gift edition of Home Type Tuesday! You know how much I love my typography so when I receive a gift with type, I literally flip out! If you have a few typography obsessed people on your list here are a few affordable options.

PB Monogram throw
This Pottery Barn monogrammed cozy throw is on sale right now for $39!

 PB MLB monogram glassware
For the baseball lover in your life, check out these monogrammed glasses. I think a certain Orioles loving fan ( fiance) might be "crying in his beer glass" this summer!

Coulson Macleod Holiday
Coulson Macleods "Love Home Life" is a thoughtful gift for so many people!

West Elm egg press
Of course I am tempted to do a little shopping for myself and I think these West Elm plates will be just perfect for Christmas Morning treats!

ballard design
A favorite item to give year round are these super affordable tote bags from Ballard Designs. They are only $20 and are so versatile! I use mine to schlep around all my paint decks!

Happy Shopping!!


Coulson Macleod said...

Hi Julieann. Thank you so much for featuring our handmade art - this reclaimed wood frame is proving pretty popular. Have a wonderful Christmas.

LindsB said...

Love those monogrammed bags in the last photo. I asked for a bunch of monogrammed things this year, I must have subconsciencely been channeling you when I wrote my list :)

Anonymous said...

I received one of those totes as a gift and have wondered for YEARS where I could buy them. I'm so glad you posted this!