Stylish Not Childish rugs

Recently I was working with a client and when we arrived at the doorstep of her child's room she said I want a stylish but not overly childish rug! This is a comment I hear very often from parents! Whether the rug is being used as a play area in a corner of the living room or in the bedroom they are not interested in cutesy Disney cartoon figures. They prefer a rug that balances a child like attitude but feels a bit more mature!





What do you have in your child's room? Do you go the route of a solid adult like, a more modern version like above or do you like the cartoon figures?

(images from Oliver Yaphe, notNeutral, PoshTots, CB2)


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

so cute! i love the alphabet and hop scotch ones.

Anonymous said...

These are adorable, Julie. Great find. Addison would love the hop-scotch run in her room because she and Jeff draw and play on those things everywhere! ~Mary

SarahW said...

No cartoon figures for me - I love the rugs here. Of course they can be tailored to the age/sex of the child but I think something that won't look too childish too quickly is great.

Katie said...

The planes, trains, automobiles (and bikes!) rug is too fun.