Home Typography Tuesday + a small space solution

Of course I love this room for the large letter over the bed and knew it would be perfect for Home Type Tuesday but when you look closer there is another reason to talk about this space. Many times we have these odd shaped rooms and people are at a loss where to put the bed. In this instance the Tilton Fenwick girls nestled the bed right into this jogged out corner. With the wallpaper blending into the headboard and matching pillows it disguises the lack of space! Brilliant!

(image from Tilton Fenwick via Desire to Inspire)


Anonymous said...

AHHH I love typography!!! These are some of my fave posts, Jule! Amazing photo!

Kaffeslabberas said...

Certainly very cozy!
I love floral wallpaper, it is perfect for cottage bedrooms. Really pretty..!