Beach House Daydreaming

Since this week has been about my "Dream Home" it is only fitting I continue with the Beach House Dream Home. So the question remains; am I more of a waterfront beach house girl or a pool side lush green grass kind of girl?

I do love my decks and this would be the perfect space for dinner parties...

though if I am going to swim I prefer to be in a pool! This looks so inviting!

To be honest if a girl is going to truly dream than I guess I would like the best of both worlds!
Which one do you prefer?

If you are in the U.S. I hope you have a wonderful long 4th of July weekend! Everyone else visit me over on Pinterest (if you need an invite leave your email in the comments below) while I take a 3 day break!


Unknown said...

I prefer photo/option #3! I'll add it to my dream list too :)

Janis@ Home Style said...

LOVE the first pic.....I could sit on that deck all day........lovely.