Monday Morning Happy

Good Morning Friends! How was your weekend?
This week is off to a running start and my hope is to stay focused and productive through out the week not just on Monday. Do you ever start a week off with high hopes and than get distracted by other work projects and just life in general? Thank goodness for Monday's and the option to start over!

This is my idea of a productive office space, a long table to spread out, an abundance of storage shelves and of course huge windows to let the sun in! Can you hear the upbeat music in the background? Yes that could be me choosing fabrics and dancing around my work table!

Enjoy the new week!


Sarah Klassen said...

Fun! That is very much me today, actually, except my ceilings are not so tall and my windows, not so large, and my studio is lined in magazines not books, but the feeling is right there :) Hope you have a lovely start to the new week!


Unknown said...

I love that space as well. I really like the idea of having a bookcase in the dining area..something just out of the norm.

Caitlin said...

This always happens to me but if you keep your head focused, turn on some music and grab a cup of tea you'll be able to check things off your to do list. We're almost half-way through!

Love this office space - those bookshelves are amazing.

Cheers to a productive week. xx

Laminate Flooring said...

I love your idea. Minimalistic and bright office like on that picture just some desks and shelves with books/documents, very simple but yet attractive.

The Single Nester said...

Oh my gosh. All those books make me so happy.