Happy Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend I will be celebrating my Mom and when I saw this card I realized once again there were no truer words than these! HOME really is where your Mom is and I am one lucky girl because I have the best Mom out there!


If I could create the perfect day for my Mom, I would start by sending her to this secluded little sunroom in the middle of a garden. The room would be filled with fresh cut flowers (something she has in her house daily), all of her favorite books and truth be told a bag of jelly beans. Here she could read, enjoy the quietness and just relax!

Moms Day
After she is fully rejuvenated from her time away I would plan a lovely dinner party by the ocean's edge with all of her children and grandchildren. It would be a catered dinner so there would be no cooking and no cleaning just laughter and good conversation!

Happy Mother's Day to my special Mom and to all the Mom's who read CreateGirl, enjoy your weekend!

(image from Tiny Prints and unknown authors via Pinterest)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Julieann - Love the room,
the wicker has always been my dream, the catered dinner at the ocean and
all my family together would be
Luv ya, MOM

Anonymous said...

What lovely dreams and dream rooms you planned for your mother.

Hope that you enjoy a special happy Mother's Day with your mother!

- Kelly