Stalking with Jo of Desire To Inspire

Normally I am not one to duplicate a topic of a fellow bloggers post but I just had to share this house!! Forever I have been dreaming of a little summer cottage by the sea but when I popped over to Desire To Inspire and saw this sweet cottage just hanging out in a calm open field I thought....maybe I have a new dream!

I am loving Jo's "Stalking" series where she scours real estate sites and delivers up the most swoon worthy homes for sale. This is an instance where smaller is definitely better, it looks so cozy!

What more does one really need to relax? A bed, a comfy chair and a fireplace...pure bliss!

Add in an outdoor tub and you have just created a place you might never want to leave! Oh and the heat lamp on the deck is what sold me on this place!

Want a little daydream break yourself? Pop on over to see Jo's list of houses, though be warned you might not be so happy with your current dwelling!

(images from Desire to Inspire)


Unknown said...

It's lovely!! What a fab retreat!

Catherine Vu said...

I agree with you! sounds like heaven, the images are so serene

April Robinson said...

It's perfect! Minimal floors to sweep and spaces to dust. Just rest and relaxation.

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elissa, ebb & flow said...

oh. my. word. this must be what heaven looks like. it's all you could ever need in a cozy beautiful field.

Creategirl said...

So glad you all love this little retreat as much as I did! Notice there are no laptops or smart phones around? Total disconnect!!

michelle said...

OMG does that look peaceful!!!